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As Defence Minister, instead of vowing a thorough investigation, Gen Prawit seemed more bent on defending the academy involved to the point of saying he went through the same treatment and made it out alive. What is troublesome is that it's likely that Gen Prawit keeps making inappropriate comments because his attitude is out of sync with the times.

Like other members of the ultra-conservative establishment, Gen Prawit is imbued with narrow-minded nationalism and an authoritarian view of the world. While others may be sleek enough to hide qualities now viewed as the mark of a backward mentality when speaking to the public, Gen Prawit apparently flaunts them. He does not hide the fact that he mainly concerns himself with local matters, probably because he is indeed out of touch as a global citizen.

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It's possible as well that he believes sincerely that a big banquet with tonnes of the country's favourite dessert being handed out for free will suffice in assuaging the Chinese tourists' feelings as it should be seen as a conciliatory gesture from him, a high-ranking figure of authority.

It remains to be seen whether the sticky rice and mango diplomacy will succeed in sending a goodwill message from Gen Prawit to the Chinese tourists he insulted, and whether enough of them will arrive in Thailand soon to boost the national income and sagging economy.

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What should be clear, however, is that no matter how much goodwill a big banquet can generate, it's never enough when it comes to tourist safety or a respectful attitude. Can authorities assure tourists that all the boats are up to standard now, not like the Phoenix? More importantly, can what the authorities say, or allow to operate, be trusted? The situation seems slightly trickier for Gen Prawit. He either has to fix his attitude or remain tight-lipped for a very long time. The Bank of Thailand BoT 's two key committees have voiced concern that rising household debt poses a threat to financial stability.

Other Services. Rice and mango banquet no way to show 'we care' Rice and mango banquet no way to show 'we care'. The alleged 'joke' about the Nairobi terrorist attack on the Thai-managed DusitD2 hotel did not play well in the media in Kenya. Keywords boat accident sticky rice tourists tour boat.

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So beautiful was this boy, even those not sexually oriented to men were said to be drawn to him. Would the crowd be made devotees of the beautiful demon who distracted them from the nourishing feast as it was devoured by the faithful? Or would they resist the fleeting pull of Beauty? And even if they did resist, could they withstand the second and even more formidable challenge facing them? The Maenads, a chthonic horde of angry women dressed in printed hair dresses resembling the animal skins of Paleolithic cave dwellers, were modeled by Stathacos on the willful women of pre-Christian Greece whose matriarchal beliefs and rituals were driven underground with the ascent of the patriarchal gods.

Branded as Hellenistic outlaws, Stathacos, who is of Greek descent, long thought the Maenads to be prototypes of feminist revolt.

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Now, as Anne de Cybelle, she assembled a group of women writers, artists, and performers to revive the Maenad matriarchy. The sight of the frightening sisters stopped the crowd in their tracks. Brutally torn to pieces by agents of the jealous Hera, Dionysus was reborn from a drop of blood. Few ventured forward to eat while the foreboding Maenads were on, but once they finished their readings, the ravenous audience rushed the table and devoured the food and wine in a glutinous frenzy, while the weaker willed fondled the beautiful youth who remained their passive and prostrate object throughout the evening.

Amid the bacchanal, now awash in a light show by Jim Conte, composer Ben Neil seemed like the nature god Pan as he played his mutant trumpet solo, the anti-nuclear Downwind , against recorded conversations of women who had won a lawsuit against a government plutonium plant that had infected their children with cancer.

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Mythopoetics have always played an important part in cultural revolutions. Angels in America happens to be only the most famous instance of contemporary art reviving figures of faith to explore what is still vital in them while simultaneously purging them of the ideological pathogens that had bred hateful prejudice and indoctrination in their times.

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Now, however, the healing gaze of artists are being aimed at the political as well as the physical and spiritual pathogens infecting civilization. At times when plague and war overwhelm us, societies tend to reach for metaphysical or mythological cures—and why not, if realism and rationalism do not heal the despair of loss as well.

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As the fin de siecle first came upon us, however, most of us could not see the wealth of this mythopoetic mine, or the relevance it had to a postmodern civilization, but Reynolds and Stathacos could, and this is why the two artists created what may be one of the most operatic performances in recent downtown history—operatic not in terms of the vocal instruments used, but in the sense that Wagner meant it: as a total art composed of visual, performative, musical, and perhaps most importantly, mythopoetic dimensions.

The emotive intensity of The Banquet , an amalgam of rage, sorrow, forgiveness, protest, and catharsis, raises it above the usual ironic and formal art performance—after the performance, the nude actor on the table blurted out he had mystically seen God—just as its sculptural, improvisational, and discursive features distinguish it from the theatrical genres more accustomed to such affects.

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In these respects and more, The Banquet is to be counted among the most unique of s performances. In February, G.