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which training class is right for my dog?

Dogs and people can live together happily, but this requires that owners make the effort to bridge the species gap and train their dogs to behave appropriately in human society. There are many different ways to train dogs and just as many trainers who will say that their way is the only "right" way, but the reality is that there are multiple methods that all work. The main difference between them is how quickly they work, and how enjoyable they are for dog and handler. In this article, we'll explore the history and ideas behind most methods of dog training and talk about one of the most popular methods today: Clicker training.

How Bomb-sniffing Dogs Work. How Police Dogs Work. Top Dogs " ". I can relate to your queries in every way. Take your dog in coupe for 2 people in 1 st class ac.. This actually worked well for me. Yes it is matter of luck as well, whether we get the 2 people coupe but obviously it is better than leaving the pet in the van. I would like to take my pet German Spitz 7 years old from Jamshedpur to Kolkata. It takes 4 to 4. The car journey takes a minimum of hours. Once you have confirmed tickets in 1AC, write a letter to the station master generally one day in advance giving your PNR details etc requesting them to allot a coupe for 2 people mentioning that you would be travelling with your pet.

They generally allot a coupe for 2 or 4 depending on our request. On the date of travel take your pet to the railway station along atleast one hour in advance and contact the parcel office and pay the necessary charges by filling up a form which would be given by them once you tell them about your pet travel.

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We have travelled with our pet this way many times till now and once you get a grip of things the first couple of times, it becomes easier later on. I found your information really helpful. However I wanted clarificartion on this: can we book our 1AC tickets online? I had a nice experience recently. And she is going for 1 month training and we are sure that its impossible for him to stay alone these days without her. So we thought to get him as well to Chennai.

I booked a first class ticket in Trivandrum Chennai Duronto Express and took him to Parcel office to buy his tickets.

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They charged Rs for him, for a nights travel, though its plenty, we are happy that it served the purpose. Greeted by TTE at coach, and they were so helpful that they alloacted her berth in a two bedded coupe. And I am totally worried that she is travelling single, but by Gods grace, everything went fine and good. Both of them had nice time at train. Thank You Indian Railways.

Thanks God. Hi Kimi, It Depends actually if you have a small puppy you should carry your own kennel. For big one there is already a dog box or your own reserve seats. I have already given the application to the CCR at Baroda house as instructed by someone. Can I take my pooch 2 days in advance to the parcel office and pay for her and give the application at the charting office too. Can someone elaborate the process in detail such as how many days in advance can the parcel be paid. Who all should the application be given to. How do we make sure we get the 2 berth coupe.

I am travelling with my Mom and Pooch and this is the first time I am doing so. Any help I can get will be valuable. Hi,Just wanted to check if the above is the correct procedure and everything went fine. I am also travelling with my Pet from Delhi. I am travellig with my two pets both pugs. I have already booked a tickets for two in first class AC… but now m confused wearher I will get a coupe as I wanted a coupe as I am travelling with my two pugs… kindly guide me in this concern….. I have also two pug puppy of 48 days. But when we have to chang our new home in siliguri they will be about months old.

We also have lots of lugage n we r five people to trevel in train can i take them with us in 3 tier ac after clearing slips for them. Im very much about them from now a days. Hi Bapen Manyu, whatever we wrote in the blog is as per railway rules. However you can try while booking tickets as the breed you are going to carry is not as dangerous as others are. Try to contact with local parcel booking department before 3 to 4 days from your journey. I have 2 years old lab i have to shifted my dog in train actually she is pregnant some one suggest me how i am shifted my dog at bangalore to berhampur odissa.

I want to carry my german sherpherd from delhi to ranchi in the month of November. Would it be safe to put him in the dog box or should I take him in 1st AC. I have a different query. Can she be carried in AC 1?. I understand that Railway rules do not recognise cats as pets. Can anyone help or point to someone who can? I almost my three month old Labrador.

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By the end of the journey he got so tired, and fully covered with filth. Finally I decided to travel with him in the breakvan.. Had to spend a lot of time and effort to save him!!! So my suggestion, search for better option. Thanks for lots of discussion on carrying pets in train. I have booked four 1 ac confirm ed tickets in masses ac experience for chennai to vizag to carry 2 pet dogs and a puppy on 21st aug. Can somebody pl advice if they have travelled in this route. Very easily one can see the pitiable condition of general bogies wherein passengers i. I want to carry my dog in a local train from dum Dum to duttapukur.

Can I take her in general compartment? I was told that only certain trains are allowed for carrying pets. May I know which trains allows pets? All you have to do is, book your 1st AC ticket and opt for Coupe. Same day, write a letter to Chief Reservation Officer of Station stating, you and your pets are travelling, so please allocate a coupe instead of cabin. Then go to your berth. If Chief Reservation Officer is kind enough to give you berth…hallelujah, take your pets out of crate n u guys enjoy the travel.

I have some query to be cleared, anyone can help me. Is any 1st AC ticket to take for my pet also? Is cage compulsory while travel or can i take the pet as it is? Majority cases, if no VIPs were travelling in the train that day, they will accept your request and will give you a cabin. Second thing you have to do is, reach the boarding station minimum 2 hours before departure and walk with your pet to the parcel office and show them your journey ticket and doggy. They will charge you and give a chalan. Now you can board train with total relief. When TTE comes, show him this chalan and I guarantee you, will have a great time.

And question about cage is a tricky one, frankly speaking No is the answer. But if your pom is small and manageable in a crate, it is recommended because we are not sure about other fellow passengers. If I am not wrong, coupe is 2 berth and cabin is 4 berth. So with pets, request for 2 berth coupe. I will be returning from Howrah to champa with a three-week old puppy. Hi, I need to travel with my pet pigeon end of this month from New Delhi to Hoshiarpur. Can anyone please guide me how can I make this journey comfortable for me n my pigeon. I want her to be with me throughout the journey.

I am fine with booking 2 seats in a coupe of Ac first class, but how to book for my dog? I am not seeing any option in irctc portal to book a dog. Has anyone in this forum traveled with a dog accompanying them in AC first class coupe? If yes, kindly let me know the process.

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I am interested to know below points. I see a charge to be paid as per scale, where do i need to take him and how early of date of travel to weigh as per scale? What you have to do is, book first AC cabin tickets for you, cabin or coupe, I am not sure -anything just two berths — book that. Next thing you have to do is, go and meet the Chief Reservation Officer your boarding station. Hand him a written letter stating, you are travelling with a dog, so to avoid discomfort for other fellow passengers, grant you a two berth coupe or cabin. Majority cases, they will approve your request.

Next what you have to do is, on the day of journey reach an hour before boarding time. I need to carry my Labrador, 16 yrs old, by train on route which does not have first class bogie. My travel is unavoidable. Is it utterly impossible to carry him in the brake van? Can we carry him with us in the compartment? Money can make anything happen, so maybe the guard with some bribe can allow him.

But has anyone done it before? I have to travel from Chennai to guwhati with two month old labrador. On the Day of travel go to railway parcel office at least 2 hrs before your train departs, show your train tickets and also Dog, along wit the travel fitness certificate From the Veterinary Doctor. Then you are ready to go. Any first ac train available from Bangalore to Guwahati. And can I take dog with me if I book two seat in 1st ac? Me and my wife will be travelling from Delhi to Calcutta with our 7 month old puppy. I understand we have to book 1st AC with coupe preference.

When do I need to submit the application letter to the CRO, on the day of travel or after booking the ticket. Hi I am traveling with my dog from dubai to delhi in June end and from Delhi I need to book my 1St ac but since we will be coming stright from air port to station my dog will be stressed and will be with me in crate for long. Yes, you can, of course, carry the dogs with you when travelling. But this travel will be subject to some rules and regulations set by the Indian railways.

Dogs can be kept close, in the compartment, only when you are travelling by First Class AC. Even when you carry the dog in a train compartment, you have to make sure that the dog does not cause any nuisance.

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While carrying the dog in a train compartment you need the consent of fellow passengers…If you want to take the dog with you in the train compartment then book tickets in First AC class only. You may have to reserve two or four berths in the compartment for your use, by paying the due charges based on the type of train you are travelling by. But the dog can be carried in the Luggage or Brake Van paying the due charges. There are specially designed Dog Boxes available in the Brake Vans for such purposes. If you want to carry your dog in the Luggage Van, then contact the Parcel Office and book for your dog two days before the commencement of journey.

If you are detected carrying a dog without due booking in an AC First Class or Brake Van you will be charged at Luggage Rates based on the weight of the dog and have to pay a minimum fine of Rs. These charges are prepaid in nature. However, the dogs must have Collars and Chains fitted for such travel.

It is the responsibility of the owner to arrange for food and water along the course of the journey. Even when you carry the dog along with you in a First Class AC compartment you will need the consent of fellow passengers. Dogs cannot be carried in the compartment when you are travelling in AC Sleeper coaches, AC chair car or second class coaches. If the dog is found breaching any set of rules it will be removed immediately to the brake van and charges complying six times of the Luggage Scale Rate will be subjected to the passengers.

Hi,day after tomorrow i will be travelling to delhi from pune,i have booked two ticket in AC 1st and also wrote an application to CRO for coupe bt unfortunately someone has alredy given application for that and from pune there is only one coupe available,so i have requested them to allocate both the berth in same compartment as i have booked it on different occassion.. Plz suggest. I am experienced in this. My fully grown Rottweiler was to be moved from Kolkata to Delhi.

So you have to get the coupe reserved for yourself by getting 2 or 4 tickets. If you dont do that and just book 1 ticket other passengers in your coupe might object it and before that you need to get a consent or no objection form filled by them which is of no gaurantee. So best is book yourself 2 tickets for a coupe which has 2 seats and travel along with your dog comfortably. All the Indian govt. Never trust the govt.

See the Indian railways rule book clearly states that pet animals should be placed in the Brake Vans. However, you can carry them along only when you have reserved a coupe. As mentioned by you, if a train does not have a first class then you might be allowed to carry the pet along with you in the regular compartments. But, there is a big risk in this. If any of your fellow passengers lodges a complain to the TTE, the pet will be taken away and put in the brake van. Can we book the ticket in First AC in two seater coupe online or do I have to visit the railway station to make the booking.

Your response will be really helpful as I want to make the booking asap. Thanks in advance! Thanks for writing to us. You can definitely reserve a First AC coupe through the online booking process. As for travelling with the dog is concerned, I would request you to visit the railway station from where you are boarding some time before the journey and know the exact details for travelling with the dog.

As far as the rule goes, you have the authority to travel with your dog within the coupe.

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Any medical document need to taking puppy in train if yes then plz what documents need to take puppy in train Thanks lots…. Apart from the usual booking slip from the Parcel office of your boarding station you may also be asked for the exact height and weight of the dog, as well as its breed and age. At times the railway authorities might also check vaccination related documents. Nothing else that I can think of. Having experience to carry the pet Dog from Ahmedabad to Howrah? And how it was? What is the process? As mentioned in the blog, you can carry the dog by getting a slip from the Parcel Office.

You can carry the dog in your compartment only when you have reserved a first class coupe. You need to contact the Parcel office of the boarding station to know more details. There are two laws that you need to clarify before taking your Rabbit along. First, you have to make sure that the Rabbit does not belong to a rare species as there is a law against carrying pets of rare species. Secondly, you have to inquire from the Parcel office of your boarding station whether Rabbits just like dogs can be taken in a reserved compartment.

You may want to reserve a First Class coupe, if you get a go ahead from the station authorities. Hi Can I take my pet turtle in train is there any objections or any restrictions for turtles. Booked two tickets in first class Rajdhani.

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Where can I pay for my pet dogs ticket can you please send me a link or advise on the same. You have to visit the Parcel office of your boarding station and get a booking slip for your pet. While visiting the office do carry all the medical as well as other documents pertinent for the dog. Is there any travel agent who has expertise in booking first class train tickets. Are all approvals needed before the journey.

At RailYatri we work with experienced travel agents to book your ticket. So, whatever class or train it might be you have a better chance of getting confirmed berths with us. As for your second question. Yes, all the approvals and bookings have to be done for your pet dog at least 48 hours before the journey to have a comfortable journey experience. Hello , I wanted to know that when i am travelling with my dog in coupe then i have to take any kind of dog box of any kind of carriage in which i ll keep my dog is that necessary.

And if i book 1 coupe so both the seats r mine right of that compartment so two people can easily accompanied with the dog. Hello, I am planning to travel with my dog St Bernard from Kolkata to delhi and wish to enquir a few things. Does that mean that I can visit my dog to provide this or railroad crew does it? Manu: bro , to be honest dnt even think of taking a dog in a breakvan, the condition is horrible as its been mentioned n the blog. Mostly, you got a St. Bernard, which first of all not supposed to live either n kol nor in delhi,still if you are planning, do book either a coupe or cabin, speak to your booking office or any agents like railyatri… Bon voyage.

I have booked only 1 ticket in 1st AC Rajdhani for me and my 2months old pup. Will I be allowed to take her along with me? Please reply Asap…Thank you. If you have reserved an entire coupe then there is no problem. You just need to take a booking slip for the dog from the Parcel Office prior to journey. Muje Bhopal se Datia near jhansi leke jana hai apne dog ko tho kya ap train bta sakte hai jisme dog le ja saku mai.